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DIY Room and Linens Spray


DIY Room and Linen Spray:

20 Drops of your favorite (or seasonal) Young Living Essential Oil

1/2 Cup Distilled Water

1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel Extract

Glass Spray Bottle


Combine all of the ingredients into a glass spray bottle.  Shake well before lightly spraying cloth items.  Allow to dry completely and enjoy the essential oil-infused freshness!

This wonderful DIY recipe is wonderful and flexible. Make this pleasing to the sense spray the same every time using your favorite essential oil (single or blend) or switch it up seasonally using seasonal oils.  It also makes a great bathroom deodorizing spray or take it along when you travel to freshen your room where ever you stay.  Make up several as a gift to yourself or others.  Which are you favorite oils?

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